The History of Troop 460

Mr. David Rich, former Scoutmaster and Committee Chairman of our Troop provided this information from his historical documents and personal conversations with local Scouters. As a history buff and long-time supporter of this program, he did this as a labor of love. As he would say, "It is an honor to serve."

Boy Scout Troop 460 in Pleasant Valley was formed in the later part of the year 1986. Its first Scoutmaster was Mr. Ray Bosnich who is still employed by the Placerville Police Department. His Assistant Scoutmaster was Mr. Bill Cathcart. They both took the El Dorado District Scoutmaster training program called Straight Arrow. The troop was formed a few years after Pack 460 because of the need for those cubs to go into a Scout troop and at that time there was no Scout troop local to Pleasant Valley.

Ray was Scoutmaster for a couple of years before his son lost interest being in high school and Ray was needing to spend all his time building his new house. The troop went dormant for about 6 months and then a member of the Volunteer Fire Department took over as Scoutmaster and there has been no break in the time line since.

The second Scoutmaster of Troop 460 was Mr. Brian Cummins. Then the list of Scoutmasters was as follows: Mr. Bill Moir, Mr. David Rich, then Mr. Rick Harr, Mr. Marty Feil and on January 2011 Mr. John Tillotson. In January 2014, Mr. Scott Rion accepted the position.

It is my understanding that the first Committee Chairman was Ann Kimbrough. As of January 1, 2012, Susan Wise was elected Committee Chairperson. Our next Committee Chairman is Sandra McGinnis.

There is a strange mystery to the numbering of Troop 460. In scouting an organization that sponsors a unit owns that number. Since the Pleasant Valley PTA started Cub Pack 460, they should own the number 460 if the PTA sponsored a Scout Troop, Venture Crew or Explorer Post. It is unheard of that a totally different organization would be assigned a number that belongs to the original organization but somehow it happened here and the Volunteer Fire Fighters acquired the number 460 for their Troop.

In 2010 the sponsor of Troop 460 the Volunteer Fire Fighters Association which had been declining in membership for years was left with one remaining member our Chartered Partner Representative Sue Marinas. With the Association dissolving it was critical that the Troop select another sponsor. The Troop committee asked Committee Member David Rich and Committee Chairperson Dominique Ashby-Hoppe to interview two possible replacement sponsors. They met with the leadership of the Pioneer Lions Club and the leadership of the Pleasant Valley Grange. On September 27, 2010 the Troop Committee after much consideration of both outstanding organizations voted for the Pleasant Valley Grange to be our new Sponsor. A new unit application and supporting documentation was submitted to Golden Empire Council BSA on October 14, 2010. The first Chartered Partner representative selected to serve by Grange Master Stephen Bird was Mrs. Lisa Blum. At the time of the change Dominique Ashby-Hoppe was Committee Chairperson and Marty Feil was Scoutmaster. The PV Grange is also the current sponsor of Cub Pack 460 as of a couple of years back when they moved on from the PTA. As of December 30, 2016, the grange changed their name to The Pleasant Valley Community Guild.

The troop has been proud to be honored with the following Eagle Scouts: Brian Kircher, Sean Rich, Kyle Matoba, Dan Sauve, Eric Hewitt, Andrew Peklar, Giampiero Monfared, Lucas Feil, Spencer Delgadillo, Keegan Bowers Jeremy Pare, Torin Ashby-Hoppe, Gianmarco Monfared, Shane Wise, .

If you are a history buff too, check out the history article for Golden Empire Council

Yours in Delivering the Promise David A. Rich
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